CareerBridgeLink (CBLink)

Explore companies recruiting at MIT on our sister site, CareerBridgeLink (CBLink).

Career Development Handbook

Download this PDF guide to everything related to career planning, academic pathways, and your job search.

Career Videos

Watch short videos for tips on conducting a job search, creating an elevator pitch and much more.

Online Workshops

On-demand access to our online narrated workshops, PowerPoint slides from live workshops and career videos.


Learn about average salaries for graduating students, top employers/industries, graduate school admissions data and more.

MIT-Only Resources (Log In Required)

Get access to online resources exclusively for the MIT community, including:

  • CareerBridge: tool for scheduling appointments with us and managing campus interviews, off-campus recruiting, job-search information, and event registration
  • GoinGlobal: international job guide
  • Horizons: study abroad application and travel information system
  • iNet: internship list shared by a select group of universities
  • Interview Stream: practice your interviewing skills by recording yourself answering common interview questions
  • MyPlan: career planning and self-assessment tool
  • Versatile PhD: powerful grad student network

Tip Sheets

Sometimes one to two pages is just enough—download some of our PDF "how-to" briefs.

Student FAQ

We've heard a lot of questions over the years. Our FAQ has answers to some of your most common questions about getting jobs as an MIT student, the recruiting process on campus, and how we can help you succeed.