Finding Jobs and Internships

Before you start looking for internships or jobs, there's 3 career first steps you should try:

  1. Clarify your interests, skills, and values through self-assessment
  2. Research career options 
  3. Put together a career action plan

This will help you know what to look for -- but you'll still need to know where to look. Below are common ways you can learn more about companies and find opportunities.

For more help finding opportunities, schedule an appointment with a career advisor or check our events calendar for a helpful workshop.

Company Presentations

Attending recruiting events is a great way to discover job or internship opportunities. Company presentations, held here on campus throughout the academic year, allow you the opportunity to learn more about a company and network with recruiters.

Career Fairs for MIT Students

Career Fairs are a great way to connect with potential employers, apply for internships and jobs, and learn about different companies and career fields.

Researching Industries and Companies

To be successful in securing an internship or job, it’s important to implement practical search strategies and skills. An initial step in the search process is researching industries and companies. Through company databases and visiting company websites, you can identify if the companies you are targeting are hiring and learn about their employment needs.

Internship Search Resources

Targeted resources will be key to finding an internship that’s right for you. There are several MIT programs and resources that can help you, and a handful of external search engines like iNet to check out, too. Review our Internship Search Resources to find opportunities that match your interests, skills, and professional values.

Job Search Resources

Whether you know exactly what you want for your professional life or you're still exploring multiple career paths, these Job Search Resources and recommendations are sure to help you focus on next steps. Take a look at various events and workshops, industry and occupation guides, and job posting databases targeted to the needs and interests of MIT students.

Networking and Informational Interviews

You can conduct informational interviews with employees at your desired companies to learn about their organizational culture and show your interest in working for their organization. Further develop job or internship leads by networking with friends, professors, and especially MIT alumni.