F/ASIP alum Jessie doing a UROP in a labFreshmen/Alumni Summer Internship Program (F/ASIP)

Build the skills you’ll need to land internships and succeed in your career. Get connected with alumni and find mentors. Join the growing F/ASIP network.

To learn more, check for a F/ASIP Info Session on our event calendar or talk to a F/ASIP advisor. If your company would like to participate in the program, see our F/ASIP employer page.

What is F/ASIP?

The Freshmen/Alumni Summer Internship Program (F/ASIP) is a nine month program starting in January of your freshman year. F/ASIP is a series of two classes that will teach you to find and secure an internship or other career-building opportunity for the summer after your first year at MIT. The course includes helping you figure out what kind of work matches your skills and interests and provides opportunities to network with F/ASIP and MIT alumni.

F/ASIP won’t place you in an internship – we'll teach you how to get one yourself. Most participants have an internship, UROP or MISTI experience the summer after their first year at MIT. In the summer, we'll connect you with an industry mentor within your field of interest. Even without an internship, this class teaches skills and builds connections that will benefit you for your entire career.

What are the advantages of participating in F/ASIP?

F/ASIP Symposium workshopExclusive access to:

  • Freshmen-only job postings
  • Mock interviews with employers
  • Weekly newsletter with freshmen summer opportunities and events
  • MIT alumni panels and presentations
  • Peer mentors and MIT alumni mentors

What skills will I learn?

  • Career first steps like self-assessment, industry and company research, and developing a career plan
  • How to write an effective resume and cover letter
  • How to create a LinkedIn profile and use LinkedIn tools
  • Interviewing and negotiation
  • Professional etiquette and communication
  • Networking and informational interviewing

What’s the time commitment?

The first part of F/ASIP is SP.800 (3 credits), which runs during the month of January and through the early part of the spring semester. SP.800 consists of online webinars, a full day symposium at the end of IAP, spring semester classes, peer mentor meetings and assignments.

We run two full day symposiums at the end of the very last week of Independent Activities Period (IAP), but you only need to attend one. If you have a conflict, you can come to the morning of one day and the afternoon of another.

The second part of F/ASIP, SP.801, prepares students for the Fall Career Fair and launching into their sophomore year internship search. SP.801 consists of an online webinar, virtual hangouts, homework assignments and a presentation on your summer experience.

How do I sign up?

Pre-Register for the first part of F/ASIP (SP.800) in December. In order to maintain the quality of the program, we cap participation at 100 students. Students who pre-register for the class must be able to fully attend the F/ASIP Symposium. Pre-registration opens December 1, 2017 and will close December 28, 2017. It is added to your Spring class load and counts as three units toward your 57 unit limit. Listener status is available if needed.

In addition, we recommend you complete the following prerequisites:

  • Draft a cover letter and resume and have each reviewed by us during drop-in hours. Try tailoring these documents to an actual internship, UROP, MISTI, or other opportunity you are considering applying for this summer.
  • Upload your revised resume to your CareerBridge account.

Note: Participation in one of the full day symposiums held on the last two days of Independent Acitvities Period is required. This year, the F/ASIP Symposium will be offered Friday, February 2, 2018 and Saturday, February 3, 2018. If you have a conflict, you can come to the morning of one day and the afternoon of another.

F/ASIP Symposium workshopHow can I learn more?

Please check for a F/ASIP Info Session during the fall semester on our event calendar, review our FAQ page or contact us at fasip@mit.edu! Interested MIT first-year undergraduates can also email the F/ASIP team to ask to be added to the F/ASIP Interest List to receive updates and more information.