Services for Alumni and Postdocs

GECD Service Recent Alumni
(graduated less than 2 years ago)
(graduated more than 2 years ago)
Post-Doctoral Scholars
Drop-in advising not available not available
Career advising appointment see list of external providers
see "how to" below
Job Listings in CareerBridge
(see CareerBridge for Alumni and Postdocs below)
Workshops and Events
On-Campus Recruiting
Prehealth Advising
undergrad alumni only

undergrad alumni only
not available (unless you are also an MIT undergraduate alum)

CareerBridge for Alumni and Postdocs

Job postings in CareerBridge are largely aimed at MIT students, but alumni and postdocs are welcome to apply. These postings can still be a useful research tool to see what companies are recruiting MIT talent and the kinds of opportunities available.

How to Schedule a Postdoc Appointment in CareerBridge

  1. Log in to CareerBridge   
  2. Find the link "Make an Appointment" on the left side of the page,
  3. Under "Type" select “Postdoc Appointments”
  4. Select "Filter by Date Range", then select "Search"

Postdoc Mailing List

The Office of the Vice President for Research manages an email list to send updates about postdoc issues, funding opportunities, social events, seminars, and workshops. An MIT email address is required to join the Postdoc Mailing List.

Other Career Resources for Alumni and Postdocs


MIT Alumni Association Career Programs

Additional Career Resources for Alumni (pdf)


Career Development Information for Postdocs (MIT Office of the Vice President for Research)

Career Tools for Postdocs (MIT Postdoctoral Association)