F/ASIP Frequently Asked Questions

Considering the Freshmen/Alumni Summer Internship Program (F/ASIP)?  Basic questions are answered on our main F/ASIP page. For more information, browse the questions and answers below, check for a F/ASIP Info Session on our event calendar or talk to a F/ASIP team member.

How do the credits work with SP.800 and SP.801?

You receive 3 units in the spring semester of freshman year for SP.800. SP.801 also offers credit (1 unit) and are based on your summer internship/research experience and F/ASIP assignments completed over the summer.

How does F/ASIP fit within the freshman credit limit?

During the spring semester, freshmen have a 57 units credit limit. F/ASIP participants earn 3 units for SP.800 during the spring semester of their freshman year, so students can take four 12-unit classes and one 6-unit class along with F/ASIP. If you have concerns about fitting F/ASIP in with your intended course load, we encourage you to talk with us and your academic advisor about your goals and priorities.

Will F/ASIP conflict with the IAP credit limit if students are enrolled in other courses?

Although F/ASIP SP.800 starts in January with online webinars, it is actually a spring semester course. The three credits earned for SP.800 appear on the spring semester transcript, therefore there is no conflict with the IAP credit limit.

Can I do F/ASIP as a first year student with spring semester sophomore standing?

Yes, but sophomore students in their third and fourth semesters at MIT are not eligible.

Do I need prior work experience?

No. Plenty of F/ASIP students each year have limited or no professional experience before coming to MIT.

Can I participate in both F/ASIP and MISTI? Or F/ASIP and UROP?

Yes! Either a MISTI international opportunity or a UROP research project can count as your F/ASIP summer experience.

How competitive is F/ASIP? How many students can enroll?

F/ASIP accepts about 80-100 freshmen on a first-come, first-serve basis. We don’t evaluate candidates; we only ask those granted a spot to commit to the full 9 months of the program.

What if I’m not sure what kind of job or career I want?

Many freshmen are not yet sure of their career goals. F/ASIP is a great program to help you explore your career interests and skills.