Cambridge-MIT Exchange (CME)

CME students punting the river Cam

Since 2000, more than 800 students participated in the Cambridge-MIT Exchange (CME), a junior-year exchange program between MIT and the University of Cambridge in England.

2016-17 will be the last year of the CME. The University of Cambridge has decided to end the program due to changes in UK tuition regulations and ending corporate sponsorship. The information below is for students already admitted to CME's final year.

While CME may no longer be an option for MIT students interested in going abroad, there are many other MIT global programs you can consider. Global Education manages other study abroad programs in the UK and other countries, and the office also works with students who either enroll directly at foreign universities or in programs offered by external providers.

Program Details (for current CME students)


Pre-approval for courses is necessary; CME faculty coordinators sign off as part of the CME Planning Worksheet (pdf) process. When you get back from Cambridge, transfer credit examiners need to sign off on your CME Transfer Credit form (pdf), which is submitted to the Registrar. Our team will help manage this and is available to answer any questions during the process.

If you're doing a double major, plan early with both departments. You can only apply to the exchange through one department, and you will only be able to study in that field while at Cambridge. If you plan well, you should be able to graduate from MIT on time.

Since MIT does not award letter grades to work done elsewhere, transfer credit is awarded “S” grades, for satisfactory achievement. If you apply to graduate school in the future, we can write a letter describing your coursework and the Cambridge evaluation system.

Faculty and Administrative Coordinators:



Aeronautics and Astronautics (16)

Prof. Steven Barrett

Ms. Marie Stuppard

Biology (7)

Dr. Janice Chang

Brain & Cognitive Science (9)

Prof. Laura Schulz

Ms. Susan Lanza

Chemical Engineering (10)

Dr. Barry Johnston

Ms. Suzanne Maguire

Chemistry (5)

Prof. Troy Van Voorhis

Dr. Jennifer Weisman

Civil & Environmental Engineering (1)

Prof. Andrew Whittle

Ms. Stephanie Bright

Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (12)

Prof. Samuel Bowring

Dr. Vicki McKenna

Economics (14)

Dr. Sara Ellison

Mr. Gary King

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (6)

Prof. Tayo Akinwande- Engineering

Prof. Hal Abelson Computer Lab

Ms. Anne Hunter

History (21H)

Prof. Eric Goldberg

Mr. Charles Munger

Mathematics (18)

Prof. Haynes Miller

Ms. Debbie Bower

Mechanical Engineering (2)

Prof. Gareth McKinley

Ms. Brandy Baker

Physics (8)

Prof. Tom Greytak

Ms. Catherine Modica

Financial Considerations

MIT participants pay tuition to MIT and not to the University of Cambridge. But you will pay Cambridge for housing and food at your assigned college.

If you receive financial aid from MIT, this can be applied to your year at Cambridge. Learn more about applying your financial aid abroad.


While at Cambridge, you will live in one of 31 colleges.  College placements are made by the University of Cambridge. 

If you participate in CME, you are guaranteed housing when you return to MIT as long as:

  • You cancel your MIT housing assignment when you are accepted to CME by submitting the cancellation form (login required). Indicate in the drop-down menu that you are participating in a study abroad program.
  • You request housing for your return to MIT when you cancel your current housing assignment.  If possible, you will be placed in your old residence. Please list at least two options in case you do not get your first choice.
  • You will receive your assignment for fall housing in mid-to-late April via email.