Study Abroad Peer Mentors

Hear From a Peer Who Has Studied Abroad

What is it really like to study abroad? Get the flavor of international study by talking to MIT students who have done it recently. Reach out to peer mentors who would be happy to share their experiences and give you insights on how to prepare and what to expect while abroad.   

Peer Mentors

Alex Gomez

Alex Romero Gomez

Course: 2A, 6/15

Hometown: Queretaro, Mexico
Year: 2016
Where I Went: Germany (Summer 2013) and Cambridge-MIT Exchange (Spring 2015)
Why I Went: Traveling has always been one of my passions, more like a lifestyle. Every person is unique in interests, background, opinions, etc. and has a lot to offer. These differences are intensified when you go abroad, adding on diversity of food, culture and traditions. Exploring the world opens your mind to new perspectives and your future to new opportunities. I most recently went to Cambridge as part of CME to discover the British culture, learn from a different academic style and grow from interactions with newly-made friends.

Cara Lai

Cara Lai

Course: 2A - Medical Devices

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
Year: 2016
Where I Went: St. Catherine's College, Oxford (Direct Enrollment)
Why I Went: I decided to go abroad to spend time immersed in the humanities, and went to Oxford specifically because I was drawn to the tutorial system in which students are taught one-on-one and a significant proportion of time is spent purely dedicated to reading and writing. I learned a ton and highly encourage anyone who is interested in studying abroad to seriously consider Oxford!

Eric Ruleman

Eric Ruleman

Course: 6-2

Hometown: Germantown, Tennessee
Year: 2016
Where I Went: MIT Madrid
Why I Went: To become fluent in Spanish. I thought I would enjoy Spanish culture (which I did!). I wanted to live abroad but I thought I might not be able to after college. My MIT experience would have been incomplete without Madrid. Madrid is an amazing city to live, play, and study. Some of my best memories of MIT will undoubtedly be from when I studied abroad. My best experience abroad: watching the giant fallas constructed for the Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain burn during the night due to fireworks!

Sophia Wu

Sophia Wu

Course: 2

Hometown: San Mateo, CA
Year: 2016
Where I Went: Cambridge-MIT Exchange
Why I Went: I decided to go abroad for the opportunity to experience new cultures. Traveling is quite an experience because you meet so many different people with a life perspective or experience that is so different from your own. It is amazing to be immersed in a new culture where social norms, phrases and food are different.

Tanya Ivonchyk

Tatsiana (Tanya) Ivonchyk

Course: 6-3

Hometown: River Edge, NJ
Year: 2016
Where I Went: Cambridge-MIT Exchange
Why I Went: I decided to go abroad because I wanted to experience a different culture and academic setting. Through CME I was able to stay on track to fulfill all the requirements for my major on time, while exploring a different way of life. In addition to spending a year studying Computer Science at another top university, I was able to experience living in a new country, made friends from all over the UK and Europe, and participated in activities and events (such as punting on the Cam, having Afternoon Tea, and attending a May Ball) that don't happen here at MIT. While I would miss my friends here at MIT, I knew that MIT would still be pretty similar to how it was when I left. Going abroad was the best decision and the most transformative event of my entire life!

Trinh Nguyen

Trinh Nguyen

Course: 20

Hometown: Vietnam
Year: 2017
Where I Went: CET Intensive Chinese Language in Beijing (Provider)
Why I Went: Because I love to study different languages. Going to one country and interacting with its people and culture are the fastest ways to learn its native language. Additionally, the course I took during the summer helped me to finish my concentration requirement.

Become a Peer Mentor!

If you studied abroad while at MIT and would like to help other students who want to, fill out the peer mentor application (Word .docx) and drop it off in E17-294 or send it in by email.

Peer Mentor Responsibilities

Total time commitment: approximately 10 hours per semester

  • Act as an official ambassador at MIT for study abroad and Global Education
  • E-mail or meet with prospective students to share insight and discuss study abroad
  • Represent the student perspective at events, workshops, and orientations
  • Help market study abroad events or programs on campus

Please contact Global Education with any questions.