Recruiting Calendar

Please also take note of religious holidays.
Fall 2017
May 10 12PM EST First day Fall OCR Room Reservations allowed
June 19 Fall Career Fair Registration Opens
Early July Info-session reservations allowed (Conference Services)
August 7 First Day for Info-sessions/ company presentations (Conference Services)
September 4 HOLIDAY - Labor Day
September 5 Registration Day - Fall Term
September 6 First Day of Classes
September 25 First Day for Fall On-Campus Recruiting (Room Reservation Instructions)
September 25-29 Career Fair Prep Week
September 29 Fall Career Fair
October 9 HOLIDAY - Columbus Day (No Recruiting)
October 25 12PM EST - First Day Spring OCR Room reservations allowed
November 10 HOLIDAY - Veterans Day (No Recruiting)
November 17 Last day for info sessions (Conference Services)
November 17 Last Day for Fall On-Campus Recruiting (Room Reservation Instructions)
December 13 Last Day of Classes
December 18 Earliest Internship Offer Deadline
December 18-22 Final Exam Period

Spring 2018
Early January Info Session reservations allowed (Conference Services)
January 8 Independent Activities Period (IAP)Begins
January 15 HOLIDAY - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Early February Info sessions take place(Conference Services)
February 2 Independent Activities Period (IAP) Ends
February 5 Registration Day - Spring Term
February 6 First Day of Classes
February 7 First Day of Spring On-Campus Recruiting (Room Reservation Info)
February 19 HOLIDAY - Presidents Day (No Recruiting)
March 26-30 SPRING BREAK
April 3 Employer Symposium
April 4 GECD Spring Career Fair
Mid-April Info sessions (Conference Services) end
April 13 Last Day for Spring On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) (Room Reservation Instructions)
April 16-17 HOLIDAY - Patriots Day

12PM EST - First Day Fall OCR room reservations allowed

Please review our Recruiting Policies

May 17 Last Day of Classes
May 21-25 Final Exam Period
June 8 Commencement
NOTE: Many Career Fairs are held at MIT during the Fall and Spring Semesters. For a complete list, please go to our Career Fair Page.