F/ASIP for Employers

Hire First-Year Students for Summer Internships

Join the likes of Morgan Stanley, Booz Allen Hamilton, Thomson Reuters, and Apple and begin developing your relationships with MIT students through the Freshmen/Alumni Summer Internship Program (F/ASIP) at MIT. Students come to MIT with exceptional knowledge and experiences and are eager to put their previous and current learning to use. This program links these extraordinary students to smart, forward-thinking companies—resulting in tremendous value for both students and employers.

How Does Your Company Benefit?

College Recruiting: Waiting until senior year is too late to recruit the very best students. The relationship has to be developed earlier.

Expanding Company Name Recognition/Visibility at MIT: Companies have an internal advocate for three years at MIT. Many students return from their internships touting their experiences at a particular company to fellow classmates and friends.

Accomplishing Projects: Many past F/ASIP students have provided immediate value to companies by completing quality projects that contributed to their bottom line.

Seamless Relationship: Participating in F/ASIP will provide a natural transition for companies recruiting at MIT since it is part of MIT's Career Development office.

Management Experience for Entry Level Staff: Supervising or mentoring an intern provides a great opportunity to begin building management skills with your entry-level staff.

What Can MIT Students Do for You?

Examples of F/ASIP jobs:

  • Financial modeling and analysis
  • Computer programming, utilizing JAVA, SQL, XML, HTML, PERL, C++, and ColdFusion
  • Software testing
  • Clinical and laboratory research
  • Mechanical design and fabrication
  • In-depth research and analysis on market intelligence and trends and web development, re-design, and database integration
  • Technical support and network administration

How To Begin

If you have challenging work, a willing mentor, and time to host a student, begin the company registration and recruiting process!

Take these easy steps:

  1. Read the F/ASIP Employer Guide (pdf) on becoming a participating F/ASIP employer. In addition to offering details about how we prepare our students, the guide provides feedback from employers who have participated in the past.
  2. Post your F/ASIP internship position description via CareerBridge. This includes identifying your timeline and process for recruitment (resume drop vs. campus interviews).You will need to create a CareerBridge Account. Detailed instructions on how to create an account and post a F/ASIP internship can be found in the F/ASIP Employer Guide. Fees for positing a F/ASIP position will be waived, and your position must include the word "F/ASIP" in the title. If you experience any difficulties, please email F/ASIP staff.
  3. Following the resume collection deadline, identify potential candidates from the students who respond. Begin the recruitment process according to your internal procedures. Please keep staff informed of your status and timeline throughout this process. Also, please review and adhere to the MIT GECD's recruitment policies.
  4. Make offers to the candidates you have selected. All offers are to be negotiated directly between the employer and candidate.

Other Opportunities for F/ASIP Involvement

Your company can also participate in events such as F/ASIP Mock Interview Nights. Participating in such events will give your organization greater visibility on campus while connecting you with potential intern candidates! Please email F/ASIP staff or call our office at 617-715-5329 for more information.