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F/ASIP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should I contact if I am interested in F/ASIP?

A: Send an email with any questions to

Q: What are the main criteria for your registration process?

A: Our main criteria for participation is that you complete the prerequisites and demonstrate a genuine interest in participating in the program. The prerequisites include:

  • Review the online Resume and Cover Letter Workshops
  • Draft a cover letter and resume and have each critiqued by GECD during Drop-in hours prior to registration (preferably). We suggest you tailor your cover letter to an actual internship, UROP, MISTI, or other opportunity you are considering to apply for this summer. Use the information provided in the position description (what skills, qualifications, etc. they are looking for) and address them in your cover letter.
  • Upload your newly revised resume to your CareerBridge account preferably before registration.

Q: How do you participate in F/ASIP?

A: To participate in F/ASIP you need to register for SP.800 through the Office of the Registrar in the month of December and complete the required prerequisites. Once enrolled, students must attend one all-day F/ASIP Symposium on one of the last two days of IAP as well as a few F/ASIP seminars throughout the spring semester.

Q: How competitive is it to participate in F/ASIP? How many students are enrolled?

A: This year F/ASIP plans to have approximately 80 students from the Freshman class enrolled. Because F/ASIP can only accommodate a small percentage of the freshman class, we desire students who are willing and able to commit to full participation in the program. 

Q. How do the credits work with SP.800 and SP.801?

A: F/ASIP is a 6-units graded course for which students receive 3 credits in the spring semester of freshman year and 3 units in the fall of sophomore year. Students are expected to complete the full 9 month program including the completion of a summer internship.

Q: How does F/ASIP fit within the freshman credit limit?

A: During the spring semester, freshmen have a 57 units credit limit. F/ASIP participants earn 3 units for SP.800 during the spring semester of their freshman year, so students can take four 12-unit classes and one 6-unit class along with F/ASIP. If you have concerns about fitting F/ASIP in with your intended course load, we encourage you to talk with your academic advisor and the F/ASIP staff about your goals and priorities.

Q: How much of a time commitment will F/ASIP require?

A: The workload in F/ASIP is appropriate for a 3-credit course. Students will need to attend an all-day F/ASIP Symposium during IAP and attend a few F/ASIP seminars during the spring semester. Further, students will need to dedicate time outside of class to their internship search.

Q: Can I participate in both F/ASIP and MISTI?

A: Yes! F/ASIP participants are responsible for finding their own internships for the summer, and MISTI provides many great international internship and research opportunities. A MISTI placement can count as your F/ASIP summer experience. Please refer to the MISTI website for details on program requirements, application deadlines, etc.

Q: I’ve heard that most recruiters hire interns during the fall semester. Will there be any internships to apply to in the spring?

A: While some industries and companies recruit most of their summer interns during the fall semester, the peak of intern recruitment occurs during the months of January-March. If you choose to begin your internship search prior to the start of F/ASIP, you may do so, but there will still be plenty of internships to apply for during the spring semester.

Q: Can I participate in F/ASIP if I have only a tentative career goal?

A: Yes! We encourage students of all interest areas and experience levels to participate in F/ASIP! If you are not yet sure of your career goals, you would benefit greatly from the program and its resources. While many MIT students come to college with an idea of what they want to study, there are also many who do not know what they want to pursue- and even more who change their minds once they get here! F/ASIP encourages students to explore their interests and abilities- first through networking with other students and professionals, and through other opportunities like externships and eventually through a summer internship. The great thing about starting with internships early is that you will have a number of summers to explore different fields and industries before you start making post-graduation decisions.

Q: Can I participate in F/ASIP if I have very little or no prior work experience?

A: Yes! Plenty of F/ASIP students each year have limited or no professional experience before coming to MIT. You can work closely with your F/ASIP Advisor to identify types of internship opportunities that will match your interests and experience level, and also ways that you can build your resume and experiences during your freshman year.

Q: Can freshmen apply for internships without a fall semester GPA?

A. Yes! Most employers will not require a GPA from an MIT freshman. When applying for internships through CareerBridge, try to submit your application without indicating a GPA. If the company IS screening by GPA and you feel comfortable sharing yours, you can enter your GPA from your unofficial grades. If you have not completed the fall semester and do not have an unofficial grade, you may enter 5.0 so that CareerBridge will allow you to submit your application. Once you interview with the employer be sure to explain MIT's Pass No Record policy, in case they are not aware.

Q: Can a first year student with spring semester sophomore standing participate in F/ASIP?

A: Yes! F/ASIP is open to second semester students with sophomore standing as it would still provide valuable skills and learning opportunities to help with a student's career exploration, career planning, and internship search. Note: F/ASIP is only available to freshmen or students granted early sophomore status. Traditional sophomore students in their third and fourth semesters at MIT are not eligible to register for SP.800 held during the spring term.

Q: Where are F/ASIP internships located?

A: The location of your internship depends on your own interests and priorities. We do not place students in internships, rather we provide the support, tools, and resources to help you find an internship in your field of interest. Our students get internships across the country and around the world! 

Q: Do you help students find housing?

A: Students are responsible for finding their own housing at their internship location, but we can provide guidance on resources that might help you with that process, such as your employer or college/university dorms. The MIT Housing website has resources for staying on campus as well as for renting off campus.

Q: What advantages does F/ASIP hold over an ordinary summer job or internship?

A: F/ASIP aims to enrich the internship experience by identifying for each student a summer mentor (usually an MIT alumnus/ae) at their internship site. Though some organizations have their own mentoring programs for interns, most do not. In addition, students receive academic credit for their participation in the program.

Q: I'm unsure if I want a summer internship position. Should I still participate in F/ASIP?

A: Yes, participation in the seminars alone is beneficial and will teach you the career development skills needed for your future. However, participating in F/ASIP is a time commitment and you should seriously consider this before you participate.

Q: If I enroll in F/ASIP, am I guaranteed an internship?

A: Although we would like all participants to have internships, we are unable to guarantee a position. SP.800 provides the resources, opportunities, and training for you to connect with employers, and we strongly support you in your internship search. Typically, 85-90% of our students obtain an internship or research experience in one of their fields of interest. We find that students who put time and effort into their internship search find positions