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How to Participate in F/ASIP 

 Registration Process

  1. Complete the Prerequisites

    The following are prerequisites that should be completed in the fall semester of freshman year in order to successfully register for F/ASIP’s SP.800 course held in the spring semester.

    Note: The completion of these assignments will be reflected in the SP.800 final grade earned by participants in spring semester.

    • Review the online Resume and Cover Letter Workshops.
    • Draft a cover letter and resume and have each critiqued by GECD during Drop-in hours prior to the F/ASIP symposium held at the end of January. We suggest you tailor your cover letter to an actual internship, UROP, MISTI, or other opportunity you are considering to apply for this summer. Use the information provided in the position description (what skills, qualifications, etc. they are looking for) and address them in your cover letter.
    • Upload your newly revised resume to your CareerBridge account preferably before registering for SP.800. Resumes must be submitted by the end of January at the latest.
  2. Participate in the Registrar's Office Pre-registration process for spring courses to enroll in F/ASIP SP.800. For more information on how to register for courses please visit the Office of the Registrar site. Spring pre-registration begins and ends in the month of December annually. Please view the MIT Academic Calendar for important registration dates and deadlines.