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Going Global

Log on to CareerBridge, select Additional Resources, for Going Global opportunities

Start Your Search: Explore

The first step to a rewarding internship is to identify your career interests and understand why you want an internship, and ultimately what you hope to gain from it.  Once you've decided what's important to you, the next step is to research internships that meet your needs.

Know yourself

What are your values, skills, and interests? How will that affect your search? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Where do I want to work? (What industry or company?)
  • What do I want to get out of it? (What skills do I need to develop?)
  • Where geographically do I want to be this summer?  (Home? Overseas? Near MIT?)
  • What work environment to I want to try?  (Small company, Large company, Start-up?)  
  • What did I like or dislike from my past experiences? How can that inform my next decisions?

Learn from Others

Conduct informational interviews. Find out what informational interviews are, how to do them and how they can help you find an internship.

Investigate Current Careers

  • Industry profiles: what industries interest you?

  • Guides to Industries and Occupations (What jobs can I do with my degree area)

    Log into CareerBridge, click on WetFeet Guides and see all the industries and occupations that are out there.
    Search a listing of different occupations by degree 
    Here is a list of popular careers
    A comprehensive database of worker attributes and job characteristics.
    Provides a list of over 100 different types of jobs
    A classic reference about occupations from A to Z, compiled by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Explore what opportunities exist and learn what paths can take you there
                         Handbook- Diversity Issue
                         Handbook for Science, Engineering and Techonology Students
  • Conducting Company Research (find out what companies do what you want to do)

    Business information about companies, industries, and people with a  database consists of 12 million companies.
    Introduces you to the online job search, listing many online sites and services that are useful for your job search.
    Information on a wide variety of companies
  • View an internship list shared by 10 selective universities including MIT: INET