Find a Job/Internship

Master the Internship Search Process

Gaining work experience while you are in college is essential for your career development. Internships allow you to take your classroom knowledge and apply it in a practical setting. They provide opportunities to gain new skills, explore potential jobs and investigate a field of interest. Finding an internship takes time and strategy. Much like a job search, finding an internship is a process with many stages.  


Before you begin your internship search, you need to understand your needs and goals. Ask yourself what do you want from your internship? Then you will want to explore areas of interest, industries, companies and job functions. This exploration stage will help you to focus your internship goals.


Before you can apply to an internship, you need to prepare a current resume and a cover letter. Having tailored, edited, and effective documents are the tools you need to get an interview. For some internships a transcript or letters of recommendation are required in the application process.  Plan ahead to collect these documents. Get help with your materials and find sample internship resumes and cover letters.


Once your materials are ready, you can apply. Learn how to interview and network effectively.