Find a Job/Internship

Write a Winning Cover Letter

A cover letter is a one-page introduction to an employer that expresses your interest in an organization. Normally accompanied by a resume, it helps employers understand your skills, abilities, interests, professionalism, and communication skills. An effective cover letter is written with a specific audience in mind, engages the reader, and encourages him or her to invite you for an interview.

A winning cover letter will do these things:

  • Link your skills and experience to the employer's needs
  • Engage your reader with your enthusiasm

How to Write a Cover letter


Research the organization you are interested in to learn about the skills and experiences necessary for the position.

Match Skills to Needs

Match your skills to the organization’s needs. Come up with specific examples of occasions you have used these skills successfully.

Use Formatting Basics

Use font size no less than 10 point. Be sure to include your contact information and try to address it directly to a named individual when possible. Remember, cover letters should be less than a page.

Start Writing

Introduce yourself and clearly state why you are writing the letter. Be sure to tailor the letter to the specific organization. The rest of the letter should support your candidacy.

Explain why you are a good fit for the organization. Cite specific examples of your experiences, skills, and accomplishments related to the position.

Remind reader of your interest and strong candidacy. State your desire for an interview and include your contact information.

  1. Introduction: Paragraph 1
  2. Middle: Paragraphs 2-3
  3. Closing: Paragraph 4

Edit Your Cover Letter

Have a career development specialist, friend, or acquaintance review your cover letter. Make sure your cover letter is tailored to the job or internship you want. Be sure you are using strong action verbs and phrases and always proofread!