Go Abroad

Prepare to Make the Most of Your Experience!

Now that you have been admitted to your study abroad program, here are the next steps to take:

All students must complete the Worksheet for Study Abroad to be approved by MIT for your term abroad. Please return your worksheet to Global Education, E39-305, by May 1 for summer, fall, or full academic year programs or by December 1 for IAP or spring programs. Select either the worksheet for the Cambridge-MIT Exchange, or for semester or other full-year programs. If you are studying abroad during the summer only, and not seeking credit, select the worksheet for summer study abroad.

Students must also complete and sign the MIT Risk Acknowledgement Form and return it to Global Education by the above deadlines.

Enter your travel and emergency contact information into MIT Horizons. After you set up your password, you can start your application and log back in to finish it, if needed. If you do not know your overseas emergency contact information before departure, you can enter this information after you arrive.

Use the Study Abroad Checklist to make sure you are ready to go!

Attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation held at the end of each semester review your preparations, and  to connect with other traveling students. The orientation is interactive as well as informative.

Please review each of the following sections to ensure that you are prepared to study abroad: