Go Abroad

Does Your Department Work with CME?

The Cambridge-MIT Exchange is a junior-year study abroad program open to students in 14 MIT departments.  Review the list below to find out if your department works with CME and then review the application process.

If you are interested, you should meet as early as possible with the CME faculty and administrative coordinators in your major (or intended major) to discuss how to plan for CME academically as well as to understand specific departmental eligibility requirements.

Participating departments with faculty and administrative coordinators:



Aeronautics and Astronautics (16)

Prof. Steven Barrett

Ms. Marie Stuppard

Biology (7)

Dr. Janice Chang

Brain & Cognitive Science (9)

Prof. Laura Schulz


Chemical Engineering (10)

Dr. Barry Johnston

Ms. Suzanne Maguire

Chemistry (5)

Prof. Rick Danheiser

Dr. Jennifer Weisman

Civil & Environmental Engineering (1)

Prof. Andrew Whittle

Ms. Stephanie Bright

Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (12)

Prof. Samuel Bowring

Dr. Vicki McKenna

Economics (14)

Dr. Sara Ellison

Mr. Gary King

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (6)

Prof. Tayo Akinwande- Engineering

Prof. Albert Meyer- Computer Lab

Ms. Anne Hunter

History (21H)

Prof. Eric Goldberg

Mr. Charles Munger

Materials Science and Engineering (3)

Prof. Linn Hobbs

Ms. Angelita Mireles

Mathematics (18)

Prof. John Bush

Ms. Debbie Bower

Mechanical Engineering (2)

Prof. Gareth McKinley

Ms. Brandy Baker

Physics (8)

Prof. Tom Greytak

Ms. Catherine Modica


Starting the Application Process

Students start planning for CME as early as their freshman year. To learn more about the program and hear from past participants about their experiences, you should first attend a CME information session.  You should then meet with the faculty and administrative coordinators in your major to make an academic plan for CME.      

In the fall semester of your sophomore year, you should attend a CME departmental information session that focuses on the academic requirements and your major courses at Cambridge.

Once you have met with your departmental coordinators, you should plan to meet with the director of the program.

At the end of the fall semester of your sophomore year, you can begin applying to CME through the MIT-Horizons system. The application can be completed online, including the letter of reference, which should be completed by a faculty member or advisor who knows your academic strengths and your ability to succeed in the program.

In certain departments, a personal interview is also required; be sure to ask the CME faculty coordinator about this. 

Application Deadline

January 15

Selection Standards

Admission to the exchange is selective and is based on the academic progress you have made in your major, your statement of purpose, your letter of reference, and the overall department recommendation. We take a holistic approach in determining if CME is a good fit for you and look at your potential to succeed in the learning environment at Cambridge.

Students often ask if there are a certain number of students admitted by each department, and the answer is no. Students are admitted to the exchange based on their own personal qualifications.