Go Abroad

Start at GECD for the Best Distinguished Fellowship Information

If you are interested in applying for a distinguished fellowship, you should make an appointment to speak with someone in Global Education, located on the 3rd floor of E39.

In addition, other MIT offices maintain and disseminate information regarding scholarships and fellowships, and many other universities have useful websites as well. Check the GECD and other sites below for information and follow up with specific offices for details.

Finding Scholarships and Fellowships

Help at MIT

Office of the Dean for Graduate Education

Room 3-138
MIT makes financial support available to graduate students from many sources and in several forms. Some awards are solely on the basis of merit; others are granted on the basis of financial need, a combination of merit and need, or on other factors. Information on grants and fellowships is available online on the ODGE website.

Information on various financial aid resources is also available from the ODGE and individual academic departments.

Office of Minority Education

Room 4-113
The Office of Minority Education (OME) encourages underrepresented minority (African American, Mexican American, Native American, and Puerto Rican/Hispanic) students to pursue graduate degrees and professional careers. OME also serves as a scholarship and fellowship resource. For more information, please check with OME.

Center for International Studies

Room E38-600
CIS offers information on funding opportunities for students pursuing international studies, including a searchable database of fellowships. Created by CIS and the Departments of Political Science and of Urban Studies and Planning, the database is updated daily. You can find out about funding for tuition and field research. Information on deadlines and award amounts is included, as well as hyperlinks to grantmakers' websites.

Student Financial Services

Room 11-120
Student Financial Services provides information on need-based and non-need-based grants and scholarships from MIT as well as from the federal government, states, and private sources.

MIT Global Education and Career Development

Room E39-305
The GECD provides general links and resources that can be useful in your scholarship or fellowship process.

Go Global

The Go Global website is a resource for students who are looking for more detailed information about the various global opportunities that MIT has to offer.

Help Outside MIT

College and University Sites

You may find it useful to browse other college and university scholarship and/or fellowship sites. Much of the material is relevant to all students. 

Searchable databases:

Scholarship/Fellowship Clearinghouses

Writing and Editing

Help at MIT

The following MIT offices offer online and in person information and assistance that can be useful in your scholarship or fellowship application process.

MIT Career Development

Room E39-305
The GECD website provides useful advice on resumes and interviewing, as well as workshops and mock interviews.

MIT Writing and Communication Center

Room 14N-317
The Writing and Communication Center offers free help critiquing your writing, including essays for scholarship applications, and answering questions on topics ranging from grammar to matters of style. 

Help Outside MIT