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Angela Zhu
2 years 21 weeks ago
Hello! I’m Angela, and I’m a Course 20 junior who is studying at University College London (UCL) for my spring semester. I’ll start by recounting how I got here in the first place- I’ve always wanted to do study abroad, even before I came to MIT. There are organized study abroad programs that MIT offers, such as CME and MIT-Madrid, but none of them fit what I was looking for. I originally considered CME, but it was complicated by the fact that my department (course 20) did not participate.
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Billy Evans
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C.J. Enloe
3 years 7 weeks ago
As my friends back at MIT have just finished up their exams and are now getting ready for summer jobs and internships, I'm finding it hard to believe that I still have an entire month left here in Spain. At the same time, when I stop and think about it, I can also hardly believe that I only have one more month left here. I'll be taking my final exams during the first three weeks of June, and as I'm heading into the last "real" week of school I'm realizing just how fast this semester has flown by.
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Caroline Huang
1 year 35 weeks ago
The U.S. government and my blog have one thing in common: both have resumed operation after reprehensibly long layoffs. In an effort to make up for my furlough, I pledge to blog regularly and am putting up my GECD office visiting privileges as collateral. (Scott the Social Media Specialist will undoubtedly have to be the enforcer.)
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2 years 51 weeks ago
   Hi, my name is Hikaru Miyazaki and I am a rising sophomore majoring in biological engineering.
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Jen Liu
2 years 18 weeks ago
你好!吃饭了吗? (Hello! Have you eaten yet?) This is a common way for Chinese people to greet acquaintances – however, you might not know me yet, so let me start by introducing myself! 
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Jonathan Abbott
2 years 14 weeks ago
Study abroad is important since it is like what hardening off is to a plant. Hardening off is when you take a young plant and you put it outside where the environment is vastly different. The result is that young plant gets stronger and more resilient, but at first hardening off is hard. Let me walk through this analogy a little more.
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Kirsten L
1 year 24 weeks ago
This is a tale of two Cambridges. One in the US and one in the UK.  
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Kristen Wu
1 year 48 weeks ago
First of all, deepest apologies for not keeping things updated properly. But here’s the first blog post about my adventures in London while studying abroad at LSE! Kristen’s First Week in London  
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Parker Chambers
1 year 35 weeks ago
A New Take on Punting When in Rome… yes, this saying is familiar to everybody, and if I asked you to, you would finish the phrase before turning away for a moment to mutter under your breath how cliché my use of it is in a blog post.  But who understands the origins of this statement?  My extensive college-worthy research abilities led me to the origins of this saying.  It turns out “When in Rome…” is the wisdom of a theological figure-head in the early days of the Church, Saint Ambrose, an archbishop of Milan:
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Sameer Deshpande
3 years 16 weeks ago
This past Wednesday was the last day of lectures of Lent term. As there are no scheduled lectures during Easter term, the only academic work left for me is Tripos in June. While the prospect of two months of intense studying leading to 4 days of rigorous exams seems ominous, I certainly cannot complain about the 6 month break from 9 A.M. lectures.
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Sixing Zhao
2 years 51 weeks ago
Hi! My name is Sixing and I’m a rising junior majoring in biological engineering. This summer, I’m interning in Hong Kong with an engineering consulting firm. It’s my second time in Hong Kong and I’m really excited to explore the city and live like a local.