Go Abroad

Find an International Opportunity to Fit Your Interests

Do you want to work on a rainwater project in Ecuador? How about conducting research at CERN or working on alternative energy in Spain? Or, you could enroll in the MIT Spanish II class in Madrid offered during IAP.

On the Go Global website, you will find these opportunities and much more, including:

What’s Right for You?

  • Learn what other students have done on the Peer Mentor page.
  • Talk to students in your department about their global experiences.
  • Talk to your professors and your advisor about your interests and how to fit international experiences into your academic plan
  • Come to an information session. Visit the events calendar to find upcoming dates!

If you have questions or want to discuss your options, you can talk with someone on the Global Education Team. You can make an appointment by emailing globalmit@mit.edu, calling 617-324-7239, or visiting E39-305.

Prepare for Your Experience Abroad

You can take action while you are pondering your choices - Get a passport!

Considering travel to a country where English is not the primary language? -  Start learning a foreign language.

What level of proficiency do you need to survive there? How do you find out about cultural differences there? - Review general suggestions on how to prepare for an experience abroad. Once you choose a program, you will know what further steps to take, based on the requirements of the program.