Apply to Study Abroad Programs

Ready to Apply?

Before applying to any study abroad program, discuss your interest with Global Education. Email us or call 617-324-7239 to set up an appointment. Talk to your academic advisor, departmental transfer credit examiners, and other students who have studied abroad.

Plan well in advance to make sure the program fits your academic needs, that you have completed required forms, and that you have enough time to get a student visa if you need one. The different exchanges and programs each have their own application process, so make sure you know what you need to do for your program.

MIT-Managed Programs

You can apply online for the Cambridge-MIT Exchange (CME), the MIT-Madrid program, and the IAP-Madrid program through MIT Horizons, an application and travel information system. Before applying, you should first check eligibility requirements and deadlines on the program web pages:

Once you’re ready, you can apply through MIT Horizons

Departmental Exchanges

Meet with the faculty coordinator of the exchange program to discuss application procedures and deadlines.

Direct Enrollment Programs

Some universities allow direct enrollment for MIT students. Every university sets its own policies for direct enrollment applications and there are varied levels of support and services for visiting students, so it is best to plan well in advance.

Find out about direct enrollment at universities in:

For universities in other countries, email us.

Outside Provider Programs

Each outside program has its own application requirements and deadlines. Many require the approval of a study abroad advisor. Come chat with us if you are considering a non-MIT program.