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Fast Facts

2,700+ jobs and internships are posted annually through CareerBridge

According to the 2012 Graduating Student Survey...

Top Methods MIT Students Report Finding Jobs:

  • On Campus Recruiting
  • Internship led to job offer
  • Networking
  • Career Fairs

Visit GECD's Survey Data page for more information.



How to Post a Job in CareerBridge

Post a Job/Internship

Employers seeking to hire MIT students for internships and/or fulltime jobs are encouraged to review the Recruiting at MIT page to develop a successful recruiting strategy. MIT’s Global Education and Career Development (GECD) uses CareerBridge to manage internship and job postings annually. CareerBridge is an online career management system containing jobs, internships, events, schedules and more. Employers using the system are able to search and view student resumes, post jobs and internships, participate in career events, manage on-campus recruiting schedules and report MIT hires.

Internship and Job Posting Fee

There is a fee of $30 per job/internship posted through CareerBridge, and the fee covers 1 to 90 days of posting. If you need a shorter or longer duration for your posting please email with the requested timeframe. If the job or internship posting is associated with on-campus interviewing in our office, the $30 posting fee will be waived/refunded.

Tips for Writing Job or Internship Postings

Please know that generic job or internship postings will not yield robust applicant pools. Taking the time to craft an interesting and detailed posting will gain more student interest.

  • Provide specific examples of the type of work involved for the internship or job, if possible.
  • Identify specific competencies or skill sets for each position. Instead of listing majors this is a desired approach at MIT as many students, regardless of major, have a broad range of skills. Companies will garner more qualified applicants if skill sets and competencies being sought are highlighted.
  • Share information about your company, particularly if the company does not have a long history recruiting at MIT or is a start-up. Spotlight interesting company projects, products or accomplishments.

Steps for Posting a Job or Internship:

  • Create a CareerBridge Account*:
    • Go to CareerBridge and select “Click here to register!”
    • Once there, the system will ask you to “Find Your Organization.” Type in your organization to make sure no one else has already registered your company.
    • Select either “Can’t Find Your Organization” or “Continue” to complete the registration form.

Once completed, GECD will review your company’s information for approval. Once approved, you’ll be able to post jobs, search resumes and sign up for on campus interviews. Please allow up to 2 days for approval.

*All employers who create an account in CareerBridge or would like to post a job or internship are expected to agree to MIT’s recruiting policies and procedures.

  • Post a job or internship (How to Post a Job - online PowerPoint slides tutorial)
    • Login to your CareerBridge account.
    • Hover over “Post a Job/Internship” and select “New Job.”
    • Fill in all fields and click “Save.”
    • Fill out payment info and click “Submit Payment. (A charge of $30 is required for each posting.)

Once a posting is submitted and paid, it is reviewed by staff to ensure that it is appropriate for MIT students. This process can take up to 48 hours. If there are no concerns or missing information, the position posting will be made available to students for 90 days. To change the submission deadline, please contact our office at, or call us at 617-715-5327.

  • Advertise your Opportunity to Students: Review our Advertise at MIT page for specifics on resources and strategies that can help you be successful in recruiting applicants.

Hiring Interns

Although many companies and organizations offer year round internships, traditionally MIT students look for full-time summer internships. Also important to note is that MIT does not have co-op programs or offer academic credit for internships completed. To learn about where MIT students have interned in the past, salaries and more please review the Summer Experience Survey.

In addition to CareerBridge, employers may post internships through the following resources:

  • Internship Programs run outside of GECD
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programs (UROP)
  • iNet

    iNet is an internship network that provides a shared listing of internship opportunities to students at eleven selective universities including, MIT, Duke University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, New York University, Northwestern University, Rice University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, and Yale University. All internship posting are free and are visible to students at those schools. To post an internship on iNet, set up an account, and post your opportunity.

Hiring MIT Students during the Academic Year

If you are interested in hiring MIT students for part-time or seasonal jobs during the fall or spring semester, we suggest posting those opportunities with Student Financial Services. Many students look here for local opportunities that might coincide with their schedules.

Unpaid Internships

GECD Career Services at MIT expects all employers to abide by the standards set forth under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), a federal law that establishes minimum wages for work performed. In accordance with this law, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has developed six criteria for differentiating between an employee and/or intern entitled to minimum wage or more, and an employee and/or intern who legally may be unpaid.

In addition MIT supports the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) position on unpaid internships, and expects employers to adhere to all the required factors for internship pay under the FLSA. Unpaid positions posted in CareerBridge may not be accepted (approved) if they are not in accordance with US Department of Labor

Credit for Internships: MIT does not have a formal program for providing academic credit for internships and it is fairly uncommon for MIT students to receive academic credit for internships. Students are responsible for working with the academic department or faculty member to explore the possibility of having academic credit awarded for an internship. To further investigate this process, we suggest you contact the department academic administrator for the academic major you feel best aligns with your opportunity.