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200+ students view the GECD digitial display DAILY during recruiting season.

450+ student groups exist at MIT. Get Connected through the ASA Database!



How To Search for Students in CareerBridge

Advertise Your Company and Opportunities

In addition to posting a job or internship on CareerBridge employers should take extra steps to attract students. The following are tips and resources to help you build your company's brand at MIT and be successful in advertising your company presentations, events, jobs and internships at MIT.


  • Get Involved: Participate in career fairs, resume critique events offered through GECD, networking events at MIT, and offer company presentations to market your open jobs and internships.
  • Use Past Interns: Have prior interns spread the word for you about your events or open positions. Send prior interns an email-ready advertisement that they can send to friends and student organizations.
  • Seek out Student Organizations: Market your opportunity to student organizations that you feel align well with your company or opportunity. Employers may search MIT’s Association of Student Activities (ASA) database to identify organization websites and contacts. Select the option "search groups" to use a keyword search or select the option "list of groups" to view an alphabetical list of organizations with links to their sites. Sharing information about jobs and internships, company presentations, etc. with student organizations can increase your reach to students.
  • Offer Innovative Company Presentations/Events: Consider offering not your typical company presentation. Hackathons, game nights, alumni speakers, and events that are “outside of the box” have the most success attracting students to learn about your company. Review our Company Presentation Tips for more ideas.
  • Connect with Academic Departments: Share information about your internship and job opportunities with academic department undergraduate and graduate administrators. Also consider using MIT alumni already at your company to connect to academic departments.
  • Reach out to Students Directly: Search for students in CareerBridge that may be a fit for your job and internship postings and send individual students a targeted email.
  • Become a Sponsor of the Institute: Explore the GECD Sponsorship Opportunities to help build and strengthen your company’s brand at MIT.

Advertising Resources

Infinite Display: Digital Signs and Advertising

These electronic bulletin boards are strategically located in highly traveled areas across campus. Find out how to rent space and run slides several times through the day, on a weekly basis, through the Infinite Display.

The Tech

You can advertise in the student newspaper, The Tech.

Career Development Handbook

Build a strong presence at MIT through sponsorship of the annual Career Development Handbook. Every student who visits the office is given this publication, which contains valuable career-related instructional information on topics from resume writing to negotiating job offers. The handbook is revised annually between February and April. Employers who would like to post an advertisement are encouraged to contact Hector Barrera at Campus Recruitment Media (CRM), for information on fees and graphics.

Sponsorship of GECD Career Services

Employers can sponsor GECD events and resources for students or participate in the GECD Partnership Program to continue to build and strengthen their company brand at MIT. Visit our Sponsorship Opportunities page to learn more.

GECD Digital Display

With two full color 32+ inch digital flat screen monitors, GECD offers employers the opportunity to advertise directly to MIT students! Our electronic displays allow you to promote your organization and your events to the hundreds of students that visit GECD on a daily basis.

Display Locations

  • Main Lobby: Our 46" screen located in our office's main lobby, at the center of campus, in building E39 room 305. This area receives undergraduate, graduate and alumni traffic year round, and is a great avenue for outreach to a broad group of career minded candidates.
  • Interviewing Lobby: Our 32" screen is located in our On-Campus Recruiting lobby connected to, but separate from, our main lobby. This area is the gateway for some five thousand visits a year, and can be a very efficient way to promote your brand to our undergrads, grads and alum that are participating in On-Campus Recruiting.

Pricing (both screens)
An organization can purchase up to 3 ads per day:

  • Day - $30
  • Week - $130
  • Month - $500
  • Semester - $1,500

File Specifications

  • Advertisements - Must be uploaded as .jpg images with 16x19 aspect ratio. (example: 1920x1080, 1366x768)
  • Submit ad(s) online. Invoice will be emailed within two days of submission. Payment must be made prior to advertising.

Refund Policy
An employer must email a cancelation request to prior to the date that advertisement goes live on the Digital Displays in order to receive a refund.

Poster on Campus

Contact Person: Rachel Maillet, 781-890-7850,