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Plan your Recruiting at MIT


Thank you for your interest in recruiting at MIT! GECD’s Employer Relations Team strives to provide you with the best resources, unique and engaging programs and excellent customer service. We help recruiters have successful on- and off-campus recruitment of MIT students. Please note: Some departments conduct their own recruiting; please contact Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and the Sloan School of Management directly.

About MIT

Recruiting at MIT can be complex due to diverse student interests, competition to attract students, and the many different ways employers can recruit at MIT. Each year over 2,500 jobs and internships are posted at MIT and GECD's On Campus Recruiting program serves approximately 300 employers and hosts over 4,700 interviews on campus. The following is a list of resources, information and contacts to help employers learn more about MIT and help you determine your organization’s fit for MIT students.

  • MIT FACTS: Learn more about the MIT community and the student population
  • Student Salary and Enrollment Data: Review data collected by GECD, MIT's Institutional Research, MIT's Registrar's Office and Universum to learn more about MIT and effectively plan your recruiting efforts.
  • MIT News: Get the latest news on campus and search MIT for a specific need
  • Social Media: Explore the world of MIT through social media.

Developing a Strategy

  1. Review MIT’s Recruitment Policies and Procedures to be aware of important deadlines for internship and job offers and more.
  2. Review salary and enrollment data to help you select the most suitable jobs and internships to recruit for at MIT, identify potential competitor companies and to develop your salary offers for MIT students.
  3. View the MIT Recruiting Calendar to learn about important dates and events.
  4. Identify MIT alumni and past student internships that have worked at your company. Get them involved in developing your MIT recruiting plan and participating in recruiting events such as career fairs, presentations and events.
  5. Plan to post jobs or internships and schedule interviews around key events on campus such as career fairs if possible or appropriate.
  6. Develop compelling job and internship descriptions that get students excited about your company and the opportunity.
  7. Build a presence for your company at MIT. Learn more about ways to get the word out about your opportunities by visiting our Advertise at MIT page.

To discuss potential strategies for recruiting MIT students and alumni, raise your visibility on campus and/or learn more about resources available at MIT, please contact our Employer Relations Team, at 617-715-5327 or