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Global Education & Career Development (GECD)  (Directions are below)

77 Massachusetts Ave., Building E39-305 (55 Hayward St. entrance)
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 715-5329
Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm, except as noted below

Career Services (Career Planning, Internship and Job Search, Employer Services)
Building E39-305
(617) 715-5329
Note: During September-December and February-May, the  open at 8:30 am for interviews only.             

Global Education (Study Abroad, MIT Global Education Program Information, Distinguished Fellowships)

Building E39-305
(617) 324-7239

Prehealth Advising (Prehealth application support, credentials)

Building E39-305
(617) 715-5328


Please see How to Get to MIT for directions to MIT and parking. View the online campus map to find E39. You can also print out this map before your visit to find Building E39 once you arrive on campus.

Walking from the Infinite Corridor:

There are lots of different ways to get to GECD.  If you prefer to walk indoors, you can get most of the way to GECD by taking the tunnels to MIT Medical.

These directions begin at the east end of the Infinite Corridor at building 8.

  1. From the Infinite Corridor in building 8, walk outside into Eastman Court (the grassy area between buildings 8 and 18).
  2. Walk east past buildings 16, 56, and 66.
  3. Cross Ames St. and the courtyard in front of MIT Medical. The MIT List Arts Center is on your right.
  4. Proceed through the MIT Medical atrium and across Carleton St (where the food trucks park) to enter the parking lot next to building E34.
  5. Cross the parking lot toward the street opposite Carleton St., Hayward St.
  6. Take a left on Hayward St. and look for the entrance to E39 at 55 Hayward St.
  7. Head up to the third floor using the stairs or the elevator (located through the door on the left side of the first landing).  To get into GECD's offices, you'll need to tap your MIT ID on the card reader panel to your left at the top of the stairs. From the elevator, take a left and reception will be on your right.

For wheelchair accessible entrance to E39, look for the ramp leading between buildings E38 and E39.  Enter E39 on the right and continue down the hall to find the elevator.

From the Kendall T Stop

GECD is located between the entrances to the Kendall Square T stop.  Once you've come above ground and found yourself on Main Street, look for Hayward Street, between Cosi and Au Bon Pain.  Head down Hayward Street and find the entrance to GECD on the right at 55 Hayward Street. 

Mailing Addresses (for Career Services, Prehealth Advising and Global Education)

77 Massachusetts Ave., Building E39-305
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 715-5329
Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm, except as noted below

FedEx and other packages

264 Main Street, E39-305
Cambridge, MA 02142