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Choosing a Major Tip Guide

Choosing a Major

For many students, it is easier to do excellent work in an academic subject that truly interests them. If you enjoy learning, reading and studying in a particular area it will be easier for you to apply yourself and work harder in that subject. Furthermore, success within your major will ultimately lead to a stronger applications for internships, jobs and graduate school programs which typically request your GPA, letters of evaluation from professors, passion for your studies and activities and more.

To help you in choosing a major GECD recommends you:

  • Consider taking a self-assessment to learn more about your values, skills and interests. The information learned through the self-assessments can help you in your evaluation of your options and your decision making process.
  • Complete the Choosing a Major worksheet. The worksheet is designed to help you collect helpful information, compare your options and make a decision.
  • Meet with your Freshman Advisor and Associate Advisor (if applicable) to discuss your options and gain advice and guidance.
  • Schedule a GECD Career Services meeting to discuss majors and career interests.
  • Read information provided by the Registrar's Office on Undergraduate Majors and Minors.
  • Attend academic department open houses held in spring semester annually.


The truth about majors and careers...

  • Choosing a major does not limit you to only one career choice.
  • Choosing a career does not limit you to only one major.
  • Graduate work does not have to be in the same area as an undergraduate degree.
  • It is okay to change your mind!