GECD has resources to help you find and apply to the jobs that are right for you.

Need a Job after Graduation?

If you’re graduating in June and you’re looking for employment after graduation, you’re not alone. 

GECD is available to help current students and recent graduates (alumni who have graduated within the last 18 months). There are still career events left in the semester and GECD is open for appointments all summer long.

Make an Appointment with GECD Career Services

To make an appointment with a GECD counselor, log in to your CareerBridge account, call 617-253-4733, or stop by E39-305. 

GECD Career Services is available to assist at all stages of the job search process. You might not know what jobs you are qualified for. Or maybe you had a number of interviews but no job offers. Whatever your situation is, we can help.

If you’re stuck, think about your last step in the job application process. If you’ve had interviews but are still not received any offers, the barrier could be your performance in the interview. Or, if you’re not getting interviews, the issue may be your resume or cover letter. GECD can provide targeted help in problem areas.

Start Looking for Interesting Jobs

Check out the positions posted on CareerBridge. While CareerBridge is helpful, it’s certainly not the only place to look for jobs. Corporate websites like Dice.com or Indeed.com can be good resources. 

Find Companies that do the Work You Want to Do

You may know what sort of work you want to do, and you might know where you want to do it. To find companies that may be right for you, check out Mergent Intellect, a searchable database that compiles data on companies from around the world. 


Talk with your professors about your plans. Talk with your family. Find people with experiences similar to your own and see where they went after graduation. The MIT Infinite Connection is a great way to find and contact alumni. Last year more than 25% MIT’s graduating class found their full time position through networking!

An Overview of GECD Services:

Drop-in Hours:  Monday - Friday, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Drop-in Hours are 15-20 minute meetings with Career Services staff. If you have quick career-related questions or a resume/cover letter you’d like to have reviewed, a drop-in is perfect. No appointment needed!  Drop-ins are not available during the summer.

Career Appointment:  Monday - Friday, Year Round

Career Appointments are 50 minute meetings with Career Services staff members and can be on any career-related topic. From getting help strategizing your approach to finding employment to negotiating your job offer, Career Appointments can help you get to the next step.

Mock Interview:  By Appointment Monday - Friday, Year Round

The 50 minute Mock Interview is a great opportunity to practice your interview skills and get feedback specific to your performance. 

Resume/Cover Letter Critique:  By Appointment Monday - Friday, Year Round

In this 30 minute session, you will be provided with a critique of a resume or cover letter.